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Energy Efficiency System Solar Power
  • Lengthen the Electron Wavelength
  • Change the momentum of the Electron
  • Reduce Collision
  • Reduce Current
  • Reduce Energy
Blance Wave Technology

    Light energy(Photon) from a specific wavelength collide with the free electron. After collision, there will be a change in the momentum and lengthen the wavelength of the Free Electron.

    Electrons spin in a "CENTRIFUGAL" (outward) direction thus causing some electrons to fly off in the cable, constituting to losses.

    When electrons mitigated with the synthetic infrared ray, it spin in "CENTRIPETAL" (inward) direction. Less energy is required to move the same given number of electrons from source.


    High potential electron(eI) crashes with low potential electron(ec). Collision caused electron to travel in all directions.  Losses in the form of heat(eH), noise, vibration and electro magnetic. Minimize collision. Electrons are stabilized. Increase Power Factor, Reduce Reactive Power, Reduce Circuit Resistance, Improve Conductivity