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KSE Infinity Pte. Ltd.
the Future of Energy Management Technology

KSE Infinity Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading Energy Management Company, providing holistic energy solutions that address fundamental efficiency issues. We have more than 12 years of implementing Patented & Proven energy sustainability solutions. Have successfully implemented many projects in Data Centres and manufacturing plants, achieving 10-50% savings in real energy costs. To target the Chiller System holistically, we have a 2-pronged strategy:

1 - Applying Cutting Edge Technology

(a) Apply Quantum Technology to the Chiller to enhance energy efficiency intrinsically;

(b) Retrofitting and Upgrading of Cooling Towers; and

(c) Further Optimising Chiller System Operations with AI.

2 - Efficiency as a Service

Where needed and suitable, we partner with customers to implement energy efficiency projects with little or no upfront capital expenditure. This will facilitate wider adoption of energy efficiency projects to:

(a)  Reduce Energy Costs; and

(b)  Reduce Environmental impact of their operations or facilities.

Why Choose Us
  • Holistic Energy Solutions

    Enable our partners to achieve energy efficiency for chiller plants in data centres, manufacturing plants, and other 24/7 operations

  • Real Energy Savings

    More than 12 years of implementing intrinsic energy sustainability solutions in Singapore and Region

  • Scalable and Proven

    Our patented and certified solutions can be customised for existing systems and applied across various loads

  • Patented Tech for Enhancing Energy Efficiency

    Our patented Balance Wave Technology (BWT) uses Quantum Technology to help our partners achieve >15% real energy savings

  • Efficient Cooling Tower

    We offer upgrading of fans to help partners achieve up to 50% better energy performance and reduction in future maintenance costs

  • AI and Machine Learning

    Using Prediction models to optimise operations and maintenance and identify faults in equipment early on with a >90% confidence level

Features of Solar Power

Low Costs, High Efficiency

We provide competitive pricing while maintaining high efficiency power generation from solar panels. Pay back is very attractive.

Full integration with existing Grid

The success of solar plant project depends on how the solar power generated are synchronised with existing Grid. We have the engineering expertise to provide full system integration in a cost effective way.

Financing Options

Solar plants can either be bought upfront or via Power Purchase Agreement. Terms and conditions to be applied.