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KSE Infinity Pte. Ltd.
the Future of Energy Management Technology

KSE Infinity Pte Ltd, Singapore’s leading Energy Management Company, provides holistic energy solutions that address fundamental efficiency issues to renewable energy propositions. In terms of Energy Efficiency, we have successfully applied our patented Balance Wave Technology (BWT) to improve energy efficiency for High Voltage applications, achieving on average 10% improvements. We are able to do full scale Microgrid power projects with integrations to existing power grid infrastructure. Our regional footprints cover Singapore, China, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Why Choose Us
  • Clean Energy

    Flowing energy is cleaned continuously. We also promote renewable energy for a sustainable environment.

  • Long Life Time

    The highest grade of material is used to build our solutions, thereby ensuring long life usages.

  • Seamless Installation

    Installations are seamless and do not affect maintenance and normal operations.

  • Multiple Applications

    It can be used for industry,commercial and residential purposes.

  • Low Installation Cost

    The expert team will help with the system installations. And our competitive pricing will make it in a cost effective way.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

    It practically requires no additional maintenance.

Features of Solar Power

Low Costs, High Efficiency

We provide competitive pricing while maintaining high efficiency power generation from solar panels. Pay back is very attractive.

Full integration with existing Grid

The success of solar plant project depends on how the solar power generated are synchronised with existing Grid. We have the engineering expertise to provide full system integration in a cost effective way.

Financing Options

Solar plants can either be bought upfront or via Power Purchase Agreement. Terms and conditions to be applied.